Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cocksucker's Pledge


As a Cocksucker, I realize my place is at the feet of my Feeder.
As a Cocksucker, I realize my sexual fulfillment depends on the
pleasure I give my Feeder and his generosity in allowing me to gain
nourishment from him.
As a Cocksucker, I realize my only real sexual organs are my mouth,
tongue, and throat.
As a Cocksucker, I realize my only need is to pleasure my Feeder. When
I am at my true place between his legs, I HAVE NO NEEDS OTHER THAN THIS.
As a Cocksucker, I solemnly vow, without hesitation or regret to...

- Possess a willing mouth
- Know I belong on my knees in the presence of a true Feeder
- Accept my Feeder's milk, his nourishment, his cum, in any manner my
Feeder requires
- Give my Feeder my best, for this is what he deserves for allowing
me to nourish myself
- Maintain such focus on his cock and his pleasure that it becomes
the center of my universe
- Suck, swallow, gag, stroke, and choke when he expects me to
- Learn when he needs me to suck, swallow, gag, stroke, and choke
without having to tell me
- Know my place in the world and love and embrace being a Cocksucker,
as this is the only way I can perform to my Feeders satisfaction
- Make my Feeder moan
- Accept that my Feeder is allowed to say whatever he wants or call
me whatever he wants while I am pleasuring him
- Show my addiction and need for my Feeder's cock and cum by begging
for it if need be...for a Cocksucker has no pride
- Make my mouth a willing and anxious hole for his nourishing seed
- Wear my Feeder's cum with pride
- Learn every nuance of his cock and what pleasures him the most
- Never bite unless my Feeder desires it
- Surrender to deep throating
- Surrender to face-fucking
- Surrender to multiple cocks or being used
- Never stop until my Feeder is finished with me and truly satisfied
- Be ready for my Feeder at any time, or multiple times

As a Cocksucker, my sexual identity is tied to the cock of another
man. I know that in life I will only achieve fulfillment through the
graciousness and charity of my Feeder and hereby vow with all
sincerity to service my Feeder to the best of my ability and strive to
improve my technique. The consequences in breaking this contract will
result in my spiritual, sexual, and physical starvation.